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My mother taught me to draw in the sand with a stick. As a little girl I fell in love with the mark making process and have used it for everything I have achieved in life. Everything begins with a pencil.

I am a narrative Potter. I choose the vessel to tell my story. The quality of the vessel tells a story that is never all seen from one perspective. There is always something around the corner, some element of surprise hidden in the design. The experience of it is immersive. You can turn it around, look inside, fill it up and empty it again. A vessel expresses time in a different way to our usual linear calendars. It turns around like our earth and we are reminded of the cyclical nature of seasons and of time.

It is my aim to capture specific moments in time by drawing on the archetypal myths that accompany various changes in the sky. My art is all related to personal responses and traditional astrological meanings for fleeting moments in time. Clay is second nature to me. I have devoted myself wholeheartedly to its service. The work of a Potter is very close to my heart and I have drawn numerous parallels between humans and pots. Both are vessels, are made from a point of center, fashioned from the inside out, endure vulnerability when opening up and finally, must go through the fire to be transformed.