About Lisa

I live & work in Johannesburg, South Africa. As the youngest daughter of Sammy and Mary Liebermann, and a third generation ceramic artist, I have been playing with clay for as long as I remember. My journey has taken me from Johannesburg to Cape Town and then to Plettenberg bay where I lived and worked for 15 years. There I developed a variety of skills in the pottery business. I have sold work locally and internationally, through our gallery, Olisa Pottery in Plett, CX Potters exhibitions, Trent Reid in Knysna, annual eco fundraising art auctions and more. Now my journey brings me back to Jo’burg – where I started – bringing me full circle and a whole new scope of opportunity. The work presented on this site is for the most part a record of various pieces made for exhibiting or bespoke commissions.

Lisa at the wheel
The Sticky Sack - Lisa Pottery
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