Pure Porcelain Pendants

Porcelain is the hardest and most refined of the different clays. Perfect for dentistry and jewelry, it is

100% hypo allergenic. Pure Porcelain Pendants are mostly flat with a few designs in relief. They are

smooth, light and reversible making them easy to wear and lovely to touch. They are decorated with an array of beautiful symbols.



Glazed all over, some pendants have the addition of gold luster. This is pure gold applied and fired on in a thin layer. Gold luster will wear over time. It is beneficial to wear against the skin. All pendants come with an adjustable cotton cord.



When purchasing one of our standard ranges of designs please be aware, they are all handmade and

painted; therefore the pendant you receive will be similar to but not exactly the same as the one in the picture.



As well as our standard range there are the Specials, individual once off creations. When buying a

Special the pendant in the picture is the one you will be receiving and the picture will come down after your purchase. Individual pendants can be made to order.



The Zodiac pendant is a rendition of your personal horoscope and can be made to order according to the details you supply. Zodiacs of events or famous people can also be ordered.

All pendants vary between 2.5 and 3.5 cm in size.


All pendants include an adjustable cord.

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